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Ambulance Supply & Funding


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Finance for Ambulances

Offering a wide selection of competitive funding options tailored to your own specific needs.

If you want to reduce costs, avoid risks and cut administrative workloads, then Meditransport's tailor-made fleet funding and management option is for you.

Who do we provide solutions to?
Whatever your fleet size, Meditransport can provide a solution to meet your needs. If you have vehicles awaiting build, then let us show you how to save money..... let us offer you a no obligation quote.
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What vehicles do we provide solutions for?

We cover Ambulances, Minibuses, Accessible Vehicles, Pediatric Vehicles of virtually every make and model with our fleet funding and management solutions.

Finance Lease

One of the most popular funding options. Finance Lease offers all the practical benefits of ownership without any of the potential burdens.
  • The flexible repayment structure gives you immediate and full use of the ambulance for a minimal outlay.
  • Low deposit options are available (subject to status)
  • Rentals can be set according to your cash flow - especially beneficial if your business is seasonal.
  • Rentals can normally be offset against taxable profit.
  • VAT is paid on the rentals not the purchase price.
Contract Hire
This is the solution for companies who want to concentrate on their core business activities, while avoiding the financial risk and administrative burden of owning their vehicle fleet.

Key features and benefits:

  • Fixed rentals for the whole package, making budget planning easier
  • Flexible terms to meet your requirements with variable duration and mileage terms
  • Maintenance of vehicles can be included in monthly rentals, and so spread the cost
  • Contract hire removes depreciating assets from the balance sheet and the associated risks of owning vehicles
  • Flexible invoice arrangements help to considerably reduce administration

Sale & Leaseback
This popular choice releases capital tied up in the fleet, straight into your company's reserves and removes vehicles from the balance sheet.

Meditransport can purchase your existing fleet, dependent on the book value and specific requirements, and lease or contract hire them back to you for the remainder of the agreed term.

Key features and benefits:

  • Vehicles purchased for cash by Meditransport in a simple paper transaction
  • Cash injection into other projects allowing improvements on various gearing ratios
  • Removal of vehicles from the balance sheet
  • New for Old - clients can benefit from our disposal routes to release the cash value of those vehicles and replace them with new vehicles under contract hire.
  • Plus all the benefits of contract hire




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