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PTS Stretcher Vehicles

Meditransport offer a wide range of PTS Vehicles with and without Stretchers. All of the vehicles we offer, can accommodate 3 / 4 patient seats with the capability of securely carrying 1 or 2 Wheelchair patients. Additionally, our vehicles can accommodate the use of a stretcher. Choice of spray clean washable interiors or with material lining.

PTS Vehicles are ideal for dealing with collection and return of patients attending hospital outpatient or specialist day services.

Non-emergency patient transport is provided for patients who have been referred for treatment to hospital outpatient departments, or other NHS treatment centres, but who are unable to use public transport due to their medical condition.

Individual hospital trusts purchase non-emergency patient transport on a contractual basis.

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The Vehicle then belongs to you at the end of the termed Contract.

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A comprehensive range of Ambulances for every purpose. Funding solutions to improve your business cashflow. We can also offer the ability to raise capital for your business through Purchase & Lease Back giving you improved cashflow to meet your budget forecasting.

Affordable ways to provide your with Patient Transport for your fleet.


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