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Rapid Response / First Response Vehicles


Meditransport have experience in providing low cost Rapid Response / First Response Vehicles.

With a wide range of vehicles suitable for conversion, we can offer a Renault Laguna Converted Hatchback vehicle for as little as £90+VAT per week (Equivalent) making this one of the most affordable vehicles combining SATNAV, Bluelights, Sirens, Additional Power Outputs and Battenberg Livery.

Also available on 4X4 Cars, Estate Cars, MPV's and Motorcycles. To find out more information about how Meditransport can help you with your motoring needs...... click the following link.

Some deliveries within 10 days.



We Offer
A comprehensive range of Ambulances for every purpose. Funding solutions to improve your business cash flow and also the ability to raise capital for your business through Purchase & Lease Back from your existing fleet of Ambulances. We can also offer maintenance facilities to improve your budget forecasting.

Affordable ways to provide your with Patient Transport for your fleet.

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Nissan Patrol    renault Master



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