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Ford Ranger
Incident Support Unit



We have based this Conversion on the ever popular Ford Ranger Pickup truck. The benefits to your business are cost effective off roader as well as versatility for any incident. The body is demountable allowing you to leave  the equipment on site.  Specialised shelving and access to accommodate all of your equipment, this conversion offers full livery, blue lights and sirens.

Can be used as an event vehicle for any Horse Racing, Motorcycling, Beach Patrols & Mountain Rescue.

Own this vehicle from @  149.99 + VAT per week equivalent (the vehicle will then belong to you at the end of the termed contract)
Chassis (FREE ISSUE)

  • Ford Ranger single cab chassis.

  • Long wheelbase.

  • Right hand drive.

Demountable Pod  

  • GRP Pod Housing

  • Steel Legs

  • Super Tough Locking Rear Door

  • Optional Side Opening Doors

  • Double Skinned roof

Interior   Kit Options

  • Millennia Backboard

  • Universal Head Immobiliser

  • Basket Stretcher Split

  • Vacuum Splint Kit

  • Wizlock Collars

  • Ambulance Burn Kit

  • Portable Resus Kit

  • Cutter

  • Combi Tool

  • Waterjel Ambulance Burn Kit

  • Disposable Foil Blankets

  • Triage Priority Tape

  • Disaster Pouch

  • Pre & Post Decon Kit

  • Decon Compact Carry chair

  • Model 11 Decon Stretcher

  • First Responder Kit

  • Management System

  • Portable Gas Detector

  • Portable Lighting

  • Adastra Megaphone

  • Duo Fold Emergency Stretcher

  • Microflex Supremo Gloves



  • Interior Lighting

  • 2 ancillary plug points.

  • Strobe lightbar on roof with centre sign.

  • Rear GRP pod housing flood loading light, rear reds and stop/tail/indicator lights.

  • Electronic siren.

  • Scene light each side forward and rear.

  • Rear marker lights.


  • White or Yellow with markings to requirements.

  • Livery to your requirements

Delivery          Approximately 4 working weeks from receipt of order and base vehicle supply

Finance available    H.P / Leasing / Contract Hire
Lease from @ £1
39.99 + VAT per week equivalent

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Choice of Alternative Vehicles

We can provide this conversion on Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara 



Ranger Incident Support Unit